Two school children depicted showing that healthy food is good for happy familiies
Healthy Eating makes Happy Families

You don’t have to leave home to come to our next event

If you have school-age children, then do not miss this event! And you can attend from your favourite chair in the loungeroom. On Monday 12th February at 12 noon, we are going live on our Facebook page to talk about school lunches and to discuss children and eating more generally,

Hear Nadia Maxwell and Lisa Blenheim discuss issues that they hear about from parents all the time. We want to help you out before you hit the school lunch box slump (and most of us do hit it sometimes).

Just go to our Facebook page around 12 noon and sit back and relax (with a pen and paper?) We will save the video to the page so that you can tune in at another time if you want to.