A Call to Arms: Support the local COVID19 Response – join the Stawell Regional Health COVID clinic testing and vaccination teams

Stawell Regional Health CEO, Kate Pryde, is reaching out to the medical, paramedicine, nursing and allied health workforce in our community to think about joining the local COVID response efforts at the Stawell Regional Health COVID clinic that offers both COVID-19 testing and Vaccination Clinic services.

“The Vaccination services are offering many more appointments times as we are currently looking to vaccinate community members 16 years and above. We need you to help expand our vaccinator team!”, Ms Pryde said.

“There are a number of doctors and nurses out there that have recently retired, or are on a break, we want to offer them opportunities to pick up half day sessions to support the Vaccination team, Ms Pryde continued.

With more qualified vaccinators on each day Stawell Regional Health will be able to increase the service’s vaccination throughput and potentially open up over the weekends.

“Our team are doing an amazing job – we are currently vaccinating 140 people a day – but with this recent change in eligibility we want to meet the demand and support our community in getting the job done!”

Nurses (registered or enrolled), paramedics and doctors that have any hours available will be able to help in the dedicated COVIC clinic with the vaccinating or recovery of people just vaccinated.

Anyone considering coming back into working with Stawell Regional Health will have the support of a very experienced and skilled team who will guide them and keep them safe – all that is needed for currently registered nurses is the completion of COVID-19 online training – which takes less than a day to complete.

Stawell Regional Health are also looking for staff to support our COVID-19 testing service – every time there is scare our community responds incredibly responsibly and seeks to get tested.

Having additional staff than can be rostered on will ensure we will be able to continue to meet our community’s demand and deliver these services in town.

The State government has changed the current eligibility criteria to include more people– so if you on the list below we would welcome you to support our local COVID-19 response:

  • A student nurse (completed years 2 and beyond)
  • Medical student that has successfully completed your third year
  • Paramedic/ ambulance attendant
  • Allied Health professional – Occupational Therapist, Speech Pathologist, Dietitian, Physiotherapist
  • Aboriginal Health Practitioner
  • Pharmacist, fourth year pharmacy students, pharmacy technicians, and pharmacy interns
  • Pathology Collector
  • Dentist/oral health therapist
  • Patient transport officer

Shifts will range from 2 – 8 hours and casual employment options are available.

If you want more information or can help please email Covid19.Workforce@srh.org.au

For more information please visit the Stawell Regional Health Website: www.srh.org.au