Board Committees

Board Governance Committees

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1. Audit & Risk Committee

As a board subcommittee the primary role of the SRH Board Audit & Risk Committee is to oversee and advise the Board on the following matters:
I. Annual financial reports and auditing thereof
II. Scope, appointment, performance and review of internal auditors and their reports, including the assessment and oversight of proposed organisational response to audit recommendations
III. Operation and implementation of the SRH risk management framework including the organisational assessment and management of identified risks and risk mitigation strategies, relevant risk management policies
IV. Organisational legislative and regulatory compliance.

The Audit & Risk Committee is authorised by the Board to investigate any activity covered by its Terms of Reference.

The Committee is appointed by the Board and consists of a minimum of five (5) members, all of whom are not members of the Stawell Regional Health executive team. The composition consists of three (3) board members and two (2) external independent community members.

2. Finance Committee
3. Quality and Safety Committee
4. Board Appointments & Executive Committee
5. Credentialing & Clinical Appointments Committee