Car for a Cause

Photo of Libby and Toyota staff

Regional health services have benefited from Stawell and Horsham Toyota and KIA’s latest project.

The team wanted to do more for the community in a more substantive way, and Car for a Cause was established.

Dealer principal Adrian Galvin and general manager Debbie Hart said a portion of every car sold and financed, serviced, along with every part sold goes towards their fundraiser.

“The success of our business relies heavily on the community in which we all live, it’s only fair we give back a bit more. Car for a Cause will be a bi-annual contribution to charities and organisations our team feel passionate about,” Mr Galvin said.

“Over the decades we have contributed to a lot of sporting clubs, schools, other clubs and organisations, this will continue as we have always done, Car for a Cause is just us giving a bit more back.”

Ms Hart said after six months they had $12,000 to donate.

“We wanted to give it to the local health care providers who assist cancer patients,” she said. Everybody is effected by cancer in some way.”

Stawell Regional Health and Wimmera Health Care Groups are the first two organisations to receive donations from the first round of funds raised from Car for a Cause.

The business donated $6,000 to Stawell Regional Health and $6,000 to the Wimmera Health Care. Stawell Regional Health’s CEO Libby Fifis (pictured with Adrian Galvin and Debbie Hart) was extremely grateful for the donation.

“We are delighted to be the recipients of this great local initiative.  This generous donation will help us to continue to provide high quality care for patients accessing local cancer treatment at Stawell Regional Health” Ms Fifis said.