Community asked to come forward for testing following a report of a second unexpected COVID-19 detection in the Stawell wastewater treatment plant.

MEDIA AND COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENT –  Wednesday, 10 November 2021

Today the Grampians Public Health Unit (GPHU) received a report of a second unexpected COVID-19 detection in the Stawell wastewater treatment plant from samples collected over the past five days (this time very strong). This means that it is likely that someone living or working in or visiting Stawell has COVID-19 and does not know.

For this reason anyone who lives, works in or has visited Stawell is urged to watch for the mildest of COVID-19 symptoms and to get tested as soon as possible if symptoms develop.

We encourage anyone who has had symptoms in the past week or so to come out and get tested also. COVID-19 can be very mild and symptoms fleeting especially in fully vaccinated people. While the risk of transmission from a vaccinated person with COVID is much reduced, it can still be transmitted and infect others, particularly people who are not vaccinated or who are more susceptible to the impacts of COVID-19.  Please help to keep everyone safe by getting testing if you have or have had recent symptoms.

Our community is reminded – If you have any symptoms, even if mild,  please get tested as soon as possible, and isolate until you receive a negative result.

The drive-through testing site at Stawell Regional Health, 27-29 Sloane Street, will be open daily, this weekend included, with extended hours from 10am until 2pm. You do not need an appointment, just drive up.

As usual with new or strengthening detections, wastewater sampling will be undertaken again in coming days. For more information about wastewater sampling and detections, see

Stawell Regional Health will advise if any further information becomes available.