Grampians Health Strategic Plan shows dedication to equality and access of healthcare

Grampians Health is furthering its commitment to improving equality and access to healthcare for our community with the launch of the inaugural Grampians Health Strategic Plan following approvals from Minister for Health Mary-Anne Thomas.

Grampians Health Board Chair Bill Brown said the release of the Strategic Plan was an integral next step for the organisation as it delivers on the promises made when Edenhope and District Memorial Hospital, Stawell Regional Health, Wimmera Health Care Group and Ballarat Health Services came together as Grampians Health.

“The launch of our Strategic Plan is an important milestone for Grampians Health as it is a very clear statement of our commitment to equality in health access across our region, and establishes what we need to focus on in order to succeed now we are one organisation,” Mr Brown said. “This is really exciting following the launch of our brand which shows who we are as Grampians Health, while our Strategic Plan shows where we’re going and our Clinical Services Plan is our roadmap for getting where we want to go.

“The communities we serve are at the centre of everything we’re doing, and the Strategic Plan has been developed in consultation with local communities, our workforce and key stakeholders. The Strategic Plan shows our dedication to providing safe and sustainable healthcare that is tailored to our community’s needs now and into the future.”

The release of the Strategic Plan is accompanied by the Clinical Services Plan and follows the launch of the new Grampians Health branding which commenced roll out across all campuses from 2 August.

Grampians Health CEO Dale Fraser said the Strategic Plan was key to the future success of Grampians Health, and paved the way for other key plans including the Clinical Services Plan.

“We know that our communities face substantial health and wellbeing challenges both in accessibility of care and the range of services available, and our Strategic Plan shows how we as Grampians Health will address these issues,” Mr Fraser said. “This plan focuses on four strategic priorities that will deliver quality person-centred care, positive experiences and better outcomes for our communities.”

The four strategic priorities identified in the Strategic Plan are accessible care, our people, our partners and our future.

“The power of Grampians Health is in the combining of our collective strengths across campuses to grow and sustain our workforce to meet local needs, ensure strong collaboration with partners across the region, and work towards a future rooted in innovation and social sustainability,” Mr Fraser said. “All of this contributes to our overarching first strategic priority of providing accessible care that is consistently high quality and safe, and is responsive to our local community’s needs.”

Grampians Health’s Clinical Services Plan looks at prioritising short-, medium- and long-term projects to help manage the issues facing our communities now while also anticipating ones that may arise in years to come.

“The Clinical Services Plan is based on extensive research and analysis of the healthcare needs of our communities over the past ten years, and it has identified the need for specific services at each campus so that we can begin to fill these gaps and deliver services where they’re needed,” Mr Fraser said.

The Strategic Plan and Clinical Services Plan is accessible via