Stawell Hospital Foundation

In 1989 a group of committed Stawell residents formed the Stawell Hospital Foundation with the purpose of raising funds to assist the Hospital in acquiring vital equipment.

A Trust Deed was created establishing a Public Charitable Fund to which any person, corporation or association could contribute money.

Since its inception the Foundation has provided financial support of over $1,300,000.00 to the hospital (now called Stawell Regional Health) enabling the hospital to purchase several significant items of equipment.

Any person or group may donate by their will or bequest funds to the Foundation safe in the knowledge that the funds are managed as required by the Trust Deed, existing state legislation and are audited annually by the Victorian Auditor General’s Office. All and every  dollar received by the Foundation is is used entirely to support the Hospital.

There are no management costs or fees incurred in the running of the Foundation. All donations to the Foundation are tax deductible.

Donations to the Foundation can be made on this website or by contacting the CEO on 03 5358 8500.

If, as a donor, you would like to speak to a trustee about the Foundation, please make that request when phoning the hospital and that person to person contact can be arranged.