Good luck Nathan

A photo of Nathan who worked at Stawell Regional Health for 12 months

Recently we had two medical students do a placement at Stawell Regional Health, we asked them if they would like to say something about their time at Stawell and Nathan got back to us with the following:

G’day! I’m Nathan. I was one of the two medical students in Stawell during 2017. Before moving to Stawell, I had no idea where it was or what the town was famous for, and had little experience with rural medicine. I’ve enjoyed time in the area and the people have made me feel extremely welcome. During my year, I’ve had the opportunity to participate in the community e.g. encouraging local high school students to pursue a career in medicine, giving a talk at the Stawell Probus club, volunteering at the Gift and having fun at weekly gymnastics. I’ve also had countless opportunities to learn and develop as a professional through having the privilege of seeing patients at Stawell Medical Centre and at the hospital. I’ve come to appreciate the day-to-day challenges that rural practitioners face due to limited resources and personnel, and have developed a deep respect for rural GPs; they do a thankless, amazing job and play an integral role in the community.