Risk Prevention Program Available at Stawell Medical Centre

The years between 40 and 50 are a time of transition for many adults.

Those who care for children might find their kids starting school, or becoming older and more independent, while some might be starting carer roles for ageing parents whose health is in decline.

Work demands may increase with seniority along with the associated stress, while for some, work might be harder to find. Also around these years, but probably invisible, are the beginnings of health changes that if left unchecked can result in chronic illness.

So, at a time when life might feel a bit up in the air it is also time to take stock of your health.

‘Having a good understanding of health and risk factors as we age can prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart or lung disease in coming years, Registered Nurse at Stawell Medical Centre, Vicki Ottrey said.

‘Screening tells us about our risks as we age.  Understanding those risks may influence life decisions which can dramatically change health outcomes in later life.’

Recognising the importance of screening, Stawell Medical Centre is participating in an Australian Practice Nurse Association and Primary Health Network project to set up a risk prevention program for people living in the region aged 45 to 49 years.

After signing up for the program, full health screening will be undertaken to detect any underlying or developing health issues. Discussion around life choices such as exercise and diet will follow as well as follow up appointments with a General Practitioner and a wellness coach if necessary.

The program is fully funded by Medicare including the screening so there will be no cost to the patient.

‘It can be hard for active people in their 40’s to imagine a future with chronic illness, but we often see people who would have made different choices had they known their risks, added Vicki.

To find out about the project, contact Vicki Ottrey at Stawell Medical Centre on 53581410.