Stawell Oncology Transport Connections project.

A working group at Stawell Regional Health looked into transport options for people attending cancer services in Stawell. As a part of the ‘Stawell Oncology Transport Connections Project’ they asked patients of their cancer services how they get to appointments and treatment.  Most people reported they travel by car, with more than half relying on family or friends to drive them there and home again.  Driving friends or family to services can sometimes cause stress for the driver, particularly if they need to take time off work or juggle other commitments.

We are fortunate in Stawell to have a regular bus service within the township that patients can access. The bus service however can be a challenge for people who are elderly, have poor mobility or are too unwell to use.  Taxis can be expensive especially if travelling from outside of Stawell into the town regularly.  If the patient does not have their own car or are unable to drive this often leaves family members to take them to their appointments and treatment. Owning and maintaining a car can be expensive and for people on a low income it can use up to half of their total income.

There are some other transport options in the Stawell area that people can use. These options are limited and some have strict conditions, eligibility and limitations so are not available to everyone.  As a part of this project, the working group developed a resource that outlines the different options, and how to access them. Click Here for the Stawell Transport Options resource.

Stawell Regional Health continue to look into local transport options and where there are opportunities to reconfigure some services to be able to provide an alternative transport option.  Reducing the stress of transport  can assist in someone’s recovery.

If you have any thoughts or ideas on how to improve transport options for people in your community please contact Katrina Toomey on 03 5358 8611 or

Funding for the Stawell Regional Health Oncology Transport Connections project was provided by Grampians Integrated Cancer Service (GICS), Cancer Service Improvement Grants.