Stawell surgery services

At Grampians Health patient safety is our priority, and we work hard every day to deliver the quality care our community deserves.

Audits of patient services are a routine process for any hospital, and we recently identified several areas within the Stawell surgical services that required further review.

As such, some surgical services were temporarily paused last week, and in partnership with the Department of Health we are reviewing the current surgical model to ensure we are delivering the very best care going forward.

This pause allowed us to expedite a review, make appropriate changes and return most surgical programs.

Grampians Health understands that changes to scheduled surgeries are frustrating and apologises for any disruption or distress caused.

A benefit of coming together as Grampians Health is we now have greater capacity to identify and audit quality and safety issues at any of our campuses. We can respond quickly to issues, and ensure our community receives the highest standard of treatment.

Surgical services at Stawell are a key part of Grampians Health’s future and the current review will lay the foundation for stronger surgical plans in the years to come.

Any patient impacted has been – or will be – contacted by their treating surgeon or the team at Grampians Health Stawell so alternative care arrangements can be made.

Patients with queries or concerns should contact their referring doctor, or the Grampians Health Consumer Liaison Office on 5358 8500.

Grampians Health Stawell values positive and constructive feedback from our consumers, and urges people to submit a feedback form if and when concerns arise: