Celebrating outstanding service milestones

This week marked a momentous occasion for Grampians Health Stawell as we gathered to honour and recognise the remarkable dedication of our longstanding team members. The Service Awards ceremony is a tradition that acknowledges the commitment and loyalty of our staff.

The event was graced by the presence of several members of the executive team, which showed the importance we place on acknowledging and celebrating the milestones achieved by our dedicated staff. The Service Awards are a reflection of the collective years of service that individuals have devoted to Grampians Health Stawell, spanning from 10 to an impressive 40 years.

We extend our congratulations to the deserving recipients who have reached milestones in their service journey:

Carolyn McDonald: 40 Years
Sally Hamilton: 25 Years
Suzy McQueen: 25 Years
Stephanie Rathgeber: 25 Years
Anna Sullivan: 20 Years
Rachel Nicholls: 20 Years
Shev Healy: 10 Years
Kristy Dodds: 10 Years
John McNeill: 10 Years
Stephanie Walker: 10 Years
Gavin Brady: 10 Years
Amanda Baker: 10 Years
Amy Yole: 10 Years
Leonie Tellefson: 10 Years
Amanda Carr: 10 Years
Bethany Eldridge: 10 Years
Rhys Duncan: 10 Years
Alison Howgate: 10 Years
Diane Waite: 10 Years
Linda Feilding: 10 Years
Jacqueline Lazones: 10 Years

One amazing achievement is 40 years of Service for Carolyn McDonald.  Carolyn’s remarkable efforts in organising events for the Social Club have been instrumental in fostering a sense of community and connection amongst staff. Carolyn also is the President of fundraising group the Yzetts (Younger Set), which hosts the Annual Shopping Spree in Stawell to benefit our local businesses and the greater community.

In addition to recognising the exceptional service of our team members, the event was made even more memorable by the outstanding efforts of our catering team, and Ash, who cooked on the BBQ. A special thank you goes out to them for the amazing lunch that added to the overall success of the occasion.

At Grampians Health Stawell, we understand that our organisation’s success is built on the dedication and hard work of our staff. The Service Awards provide us with a valuable opportunity to express our gratitude and admiration for the significant contributions made by each individual. As we celebrate these milestones, we look forward to continuing our journey together, committed to providing exceptional healthcare services to our community.

The Service Awards provide Grampians Health with the opportunity to recognise members of our lovely hospital that have dedicated a continuous amount of service. It is also a reminder that we are lucky to have many individuals who have dedicated many hours, weeks, months and years to us in a variety of capacities.

Here’s to the past, present, and future successes of our incredible team at Grampians Health Stawell!