Day Procedure Unit

Day surgery procedures we offer include ENT (ear, nose, throat) Orthopaedic (bone), Gynaecology (women’s), Ophthalmic (eyes), Gastro enteric (stomach and bowel) and other general surgery.



Our staff stay with our patients through the day of their surgery. This starts at admission where information is provided on what to expect on the day of surgery, and what to expect their recovery to be like.

Day stay patients are contacted by a nurse within 24-hours of discharge to answer any questions about their recovery and ongoing care.

Contact:  03 5358 8524

If you experience increased pain, your condition worsens or you have concerns about your wound or dressing, please contact your surgeon or GP, if medical attention is urgent, please present to your closest Urgent Care Centre or Emergency Department, or phone for an ambulance on 000.