Our Services

Stawell Regional Health offers a diverse range of integrated and related health services in our modern hospital, carried out by a cooperative team of medical professionals and visiting specialists.

We have a 29-bed ward and six day surgery beds in our Simpson Wing, operating theatres and an urgent care department. This is supported by a medical imaging department, pharmacy department and Clinical Labs Pathology.

We have a helipad to enable Air Ambulance Victoria to quickly transport patients with life-threatening injury or illness to specialist facilities, generally in Melbourne or Bendigo. If deemed necessary, the helicopter may transport patients directly from an accident scene to the tertiary hospital.

Stawell Regional Health has an Allied Health Department that aim to seamlessly provide multiple specialist health services to patients according to their individual needs. The Allied Health Department also creates specialist programs for the broader community

The team at Stawell Regional Health forms a united front to ensure that all aspects of clinical and corporate governance across the organisation are addressed, and that services.

Summary of our services:

·        Aged Care Assessment

·        Cancer Support Service

·        Cardiac Rehabilitation

·         Chemotherapy

·         Clinical Education

·         Community Health Nursing

·         Community Rehabilitation Service

·         Continence Service

·         Day Oncology

·         Day Procedure Clinic

·         Diabetes Education

·         Dietetics

·         District Nursing

·         Exercise Physiology

·         Gait and Balance Program

·         Graduate Nurse Program

·         Health Information Service

·         Health Promotion

·         Hospital Admissions Risk Program (HARP)

·         Hospital in the Home Program

·         Hydrotherapy

·         Look Good, Feel Better Program

·         Memory Support 

·         Nutrition and Dietetics

·         Occupational Health and Safety

·         Occupational Therapy

·         Oncology Centre 

·         Oncology Rehabilitation Program

·         Pathology

·         Pharmacy


·         Physiotherapy

·         Social Support Group

·         Podiatry

·         Post-Acute Care

·         Pre-Admissions Clinic

·         Radiology/X-rays

·         Aged Care

·         School Readiness Program

·         Skin Cancer Treatment (SAROS)

·         Social Work

·         Speech Pathology

·         Telehealth – info coming soon

·         Tertiary Student Placement

·         Transition Care Program (TCP)

·         Ultrasound

·         Urgent Care Department

·         Volunteer Program

·         Work Experience for School Students

Links to Information and Specialist Services:

·         Advanced Care Planning

·         Audiologist

·         Cardiologist

·         Ear, Nose and Throat

·         Gastroenterology

·         Oncologist Private

·         Oncologist Public

·         Ophthalmology

·         Orthopedics

·         Paediatritian

·         Psychiatrist

·         Rheumatologist

·         Urologist