Consumer Partnership Program

Consumer Partners at Grampians Health are people who want to engage and are interested in thinking about how to improve our systems, processes, programs and services from a consumer perspective. The term consumer refers to current, past or future patients, residents, participants, clients, carers/family and/or young person of Grampians Health and members of the Grampians regional community.

Consumer Partners provide input into our services and facilities by bringing different perspectives from their life experiences and stories from the community.
Grampians Health is committed to consumer participation in the planning, design, delivery and evaluation of the health services we provide to result in the delivery of safe, effective, connected personal care.

Why is Consumer Partnership important?

The Grampians Health Strategic Plan identifies our commitment to partnering with consumers.
We want to understand what matters to our consumers and work with them to co-design our services. We also seek to engage with our community and to influence health outcomes and improve the health literacy of our community.Consumer participation in decision-making improves health outcomes. Active consumer participation leads to more accessible, innovative and effective health care. Active involvement of consumers at all levels of the development, implementation and evaluation of health strategies and programs is integral to their success.

Consumer Partnership Framework

Grampians Health is very excited to be launching the new Consumer Partnership Framework. This Framework has been developed with and for consumers from the Grampians region.

Applying to become a Consumer Partner