Urgent Care Centre

If your condition is serious, or you are experiencing chest pains, you need to call 000 (Triple Zero) for an ambulance.

Grampians Health Stawell has an Urgent Care Centre which is staffed by Nurses from the acute hospital ward 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

People who come to the Urgent Care Centre will receive a comprehensive assessment by our nursing team. If needed, the nurse will work collaboratively with a doctor or nurse practitioner either from Stawell Medical Centre or via telehealth to provide necessary care.

PLEASE NOTE: Everyone who enters the main entrance of the hospital will be required to record their temperature and will be asked questions as part of the screening process for COVID-19. If you are well enough you may be asked to wait outside or in your car, depending on your symptoms and presentation.

Patients are treated according to the severity of their case, with the most urgent patients attended to first.

If the patients condition or care requires investigation or treatment that cannot be provided by the hospital, an ambulance will be called to transfer the patient to a larger service. Patients should be aware that they will be responsible for the cost of an ambulance transfer from the Urgent Care Centre.

Members of the public should only attend the Hospital Urgent Care Centre if urgent medical attention is required. If your condition is serious, or you are experiencing chest pains, you need to call 000 (Triple Zero) for an ambulance.

If medical attention is required for a general and non-urgent condition, patients are asked to contact their doctor during business hours. Presentations of this type should be aware there may be significant wait times experiences at the Urgent Care Centre.

Our nurses are not permitted to provide medical advice over the phone, if you are concerned about a health issue outside of business hours, please contact the Nurse-on-call helpline on 1300 606024 which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This free and confidential phone service provides users with immediate and expert health advice from registered nurses who may suggest ways you can care for yourself, advise you to contact a doctor or, if your condition is very serious, transfer the call to 000.

Contact:  03 5358 8500

If you are COVID positive, or have COVID symptoms and have any medical concerns, you can also click on the link below to discuss your concern with Virtual ED who can advise you whether to present to urgent care. Please note, emergencies should still call 000 and COVID positive or possible presentations will not be turned away.