Private Patients

Private and Veterans’ Affairs Patients

All patients at Stawell Regional Health receive the highest quality of care from staff as well as access to excellent facilities.

Our Private and Veterans’ Affairs patients are also entitled to extra services during their stay including a single room for maximum privacy and comfort, as soon as it becomes available.

These patients are also entitled to:

  • no gap fees
  • doctor of choice
  • physiotherapy
  • occupational therapy
  • speech therapy
  • dietician
  • diabetic educator
  • podiatrist
  • choice of daily newspaper
  • television and telephone access
  • wide choice of food and beverages (including special diet meals)
  • daily personal laundry service
  • essential toiletries
  • return transport between home and hospital
  • personal consultation upon discharge and arrangement of any services
  • individual case manager if required

The revenue and savings generated from the use of private health insurance enables the hospital to maintain and improve existing services, as well as develop new initiatives for the community.

Private patient brochure

Veterans Affairs patient brochure